Musical Labyrinth


Zonzo Compagnie

Zonzo Compagnie has taken Belgium and other countries by storm with the adventurous music festival BIG BANG. The musical labyrinth is another one of their success formats. With Musical labyrinth Zonzo Compagnie transforms a building or space into a playground of noise and sound. A guide takes you on a journey for an active musical adventure. On the way you will come along several interactive sound installations.

Musical labyrinth 2019 at hetpaleis

Chris Koolmees

Follow Icarus in flight with your avatar and control the images and sounds with your movements. Travel through the history of pop music in a challenging adventure with live action - your own live action!


Fifty cages of mechanical birds are hanging in the air. Clap your hands or whistle a song to wake them up… a chirping, twittering installation!

STEIM & Fedde ten Berge

Mobile Touch is a colourful collection of instruments invented at the STEIM sound laboratory. You don’t need years of practice to play them: a simple touch is usually enough to bring these curious creations to life.

Strijbos & Van Rijswijk en Christian Grässli

Open and close the doors of these cabinets full of sounds and catch a glimpse of a wonderful sonic world. Play with the Dadocs to isolate or filter layers of sound as you please.

Stichting Logos

Pedal with this pack of musical home trainers and become part of a well-oiled choir! Every turn of the pedals powers your unusual musical instrument towards a raucous glissando.

Floris Vanhoof

Two large gongs are hanging in the air. They seem to be talking to each other. Vibrations are converted into sound and jump from one gong to the other. Can you follow their conversation?

David Jongen & Elize Rausch

Jump for music! OsciBouncer invites you to forget all your worries and bounce up and down on the trampoline. It matters how high and how energetically you jump, because your movements affect the lights and sounds.

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Choose a stick and play one of the 36 carefully tuned pipes in this strange set of chimes. Changing the position of the pipes will create different effects every time.

Musical labyrinth 2018 at hetpaleis

Strijbos & Van Rijswijk met Christian Graessli

It’s like a dream come true: making music while you rock backwards and forwards in a rocking chair. While rocking you discover how you can change the music by coordinating the movements of the chairs. Lean back, relax and make music on the Rocking Chairs!

Hans Beckers

Hans Beckers visited the Krakkeslottet, a magical old wooden house in Norway. There he built klopotecs, Slovenian ratchet windmills made of scrap wood. What was once used to chase the snakes out of vineyards is now an intriguing sound installation.

Teun De Lange

According to Cage explores the possibilities of interactive music. Song, whistling, noise and suchlike. All kinds of sounds are selected automatically and sometimes catapulted into a new key.

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This robot has a strange name. He may be called Korn, Snar, Whisper or Toypi. He says nothing until you get really close. Then he responds to every move you make and he is ready for a unique duet.

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With Stapstrument everyone gets a small pump strapped to their feet to be used as a bellows. With the ball and heel of your foot you play the separate mobile organ pipes. By coming to simple arrangements you can have fun making music together: loud or quiet, fast or slow, high or low.

Chris Koolmees

This slightly addictive dance machine will convert your unique dance moves into brilliant video scenes and music. You can compose your own music as well as conjuring up amazing video images just by dancing. Spotter invites you to move, fly, fall and make music.


A production by Zonzo Compagnie - with the support of Flanders and the City of Antwerp.