roundABOUT #1 Tsubasa Hori


Zonzo Compagnie & ChampdAction


Take a seat in our roundABOUT mini-arena, and let yourself be enchanted by the Japanese percussionist Tsubasa Hori. She takes us to a hidden paradise, the spirit realm of our ancestors. Mysterious video images surround us, in which dancers welcome the spirits and the childlike imagination comes to life.

Without falling into Eastern exoticism, the starting point of this performance is the ritual character of Japanese music and its connection to the spiritual world. From the unique roundABOUT setting, in which percussionist Tsubasa Hori literally and figuratively takes centre stage, we explore ancient mystery and contemporary wonder!

Besides Taiko drums, Tsubasa plays various other percussion instruments, sings and plays the Japanese Koto harp. German choreographer Vera Tussing is responsible for the direction and staging. Sarah Yu Zeebroek and video animator Willem Mertens provide the performance with video images.

From the unique roundABOUT setting we explore ancient mystery and contemporary wonder!

With roundABOUT Zonzo Compagnie creates a new format: an arena for a soloist and a reusable set for various musicians and multimedia artists to work with. The ring-shaped projection surface emphasises the proximity between audience and performer. Tsubasa has the honour of this scoop!


TSUBASA HORI music & musical performance VERA TUSSING direction & choreography SARAH YU ZEEBROEK / WILLEM MERTENS video WOUTER VAN LOOY scenography SERGE VERSTOCKT coaching 

A production by Zonzo Compagnie and ChampdAction in co-production with Handelsbeurs.  With the support of Flanders.